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Volume 19 Issue 356

Monday December 22, 2014


Researchers Discover Research Doesn't Attract Women

Researchers Now Researching Football Scholarships

Have you seen this pussy?



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Pig farmers have never done well in the United States. Most Americans prefer beef to pork. Hamburger is an American favorite but contains no ham.

The porcine raisers were hopeful they'd see a significant increase in their business after the scares about health over beef, but most of the benefits had gone to the poultry and fish industries. The sale of ham and bacon remained virtually unchanged.

Because of this, The National Porcine Association hired a major Madison Avenue advertising firm to boost sale of pork products. They decided on an intensive campaign to saturate magazines, television and radio with ads urging people to eat pork patties.

The campaign was given an extra boost when Congress was convinced to designate the second of February as the day when every family would be urged to eat pork sausage. That day would be celebrated nationally, of course, as Ground Hog Day.

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  1. Adhesive for the hair.

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In his column, "Here's What Fast Food Should Do" Fek'Lar thus spake... "There's a new law that says that Fast Food joints have to post easily-seen boards with calorie counts for their "food". In California, there's a slight difference in the state law versus the federal law, so some of the boards haven't gone up yet. Now before you start pissing in your pants about "big government", I've come up with a way these boards can make the Fast Food industry a ton of money."    more...

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