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Volume 20 Issue 142

Friday May 22, 2015


Researchers Discover Research Doesn't Attract Women

Researchers Now Researching Football Scholarships

Have you seen this pussy?



Last Known Location: home theatre

From Da Joke Archives

Cream of Weight

A guy walks into a bar and orders three whiskey sours, drinks them down BAM! BAM! BAM! Then he orders three more. The bartender's having a slow night and appreciates the business, but is also concerned.

"Hey buddy, slow down. What seems to be the problem?""

The guy answers, "I went on a week-long business trip, and had to leave my wife alone. I've had my suspicions about our next-door neighbor, so I hung a weight from the bottom of the bedspring just above a bowl of cream."

The bartender nods sympathetically and pours the guy another. "So you came home and found cream on the weight?"

The guy downs his fourth whiskey sour and says, "It's worse than that. The cream had been churned into butter."

Word of the Day


  1. A performer who makes more than his or her agent.

From the The LowComDom Online Dictionary


In his column, "Do DVD Region Codes Make Sense?" Fek'Lar thus spake... "15 years ago when the DVD was beginning to show up on store shelves (yes, it's been that long) the Hollywood business model was that the movie would be released to theaters first, and six months later the video would come out. The foreign market would also receive the movie some time after the US release. Some countries would receive the movie for their theaters more than six months after the US theater release. The internet has changed all of this."    more...

From The Crapolla According to Fek'Lar



Restaurants will almost always throw you out before you can eat too much. --Frank Varano

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